Recover With The Best

It's not just a tagline, It’s a fact. When you Recover with Arachni Recovery Equipment you are using gear that offers the Best Quality, Options, Pricing, and Warranty.


Industry Leading Quality
& Options

Tried and Tested

Arachni Recovery Product have been tested all over the world from Australia to Europe. The annual King of the Hammers race that takes place every February is noted to be one of the most extreme offroad races in the world. We have rigs in all classes from stock to Unlimited running the same ropes year after year without breakage and or failure. This testament of product strength and quality is proven race after race week after week. When you purchase Arachni Recovery Product you are truly recovering with the best. 

Industry Leading Warranty

Arachni Recovery Products are covered by industry leading warranties. Our winch line features a 3 year warranty against breakage. Simply send the rope back to use and we will repair or replace at no cost. We have you covered and will do our best to ensure you are recovering with the best products on the market.

Arachni Recovery Equipment reserves the right to determine whether a rope can be successfully repaired, and to choose whether to repair or replace.

Ropes purchased through the Olympus Offroad are automatically assigned a warranty date.  

Ropes purchased through dealers and other means will require proof of purchase to be eligible for warranty.  Synthetic Winch Ropes must be used in conjunction with an aluminum hawse fairlead in order to be covered. Roller fairleads will damage ropes.